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Gopher Glen Apple Farm is a forty year-old farm, that started as a quaint, roadside apple stand. Dr. John DeVincenzo, a local orthodontist, was the original owner and founder of Gopher Glen, originally named for its large number of furry inhabitants. Dr. D (as he was affectionately referred to) had a particular interest in apples and through the grafting process, created his own unique varieties, one being the Heaven Sent apple, named after his late wife Bobby. 

Following his love for growing and offering fresh Central Coast produce, Dr. D developed the Avila Valley Barn, a location that wouldn't just specialize in apples, but would offer up other freshly grown produce, gifts, and baked goods. In the early stages of the Avila Valley Barn, a young lady by the name of Debbie Smith joined Dr. D's farming family, and for 25-years played an instrumental role in helping to create the Avila Barn we know today.


When Dr. D passed away, Debbie and her husband Bruce wanted to make sure that the experience everyone has come to love continued on, so they purchased both the Avila Valley Barn and Gopher Glen.

Our Family


While the Smith's were turning the Avila Valley Barn, and Gopher Glen Apple Farm into some of the Central Coast's most coveted destinations, they also created an amazing family. As their children (one daughter, and six sons) grew, one in-particular, Jake Smith, started fostering a love for farming, and soon became responsible for the wonderful produce and apples available at Gopher Glen. In time his love for farming was rewarded when he and his wife, Raven, took over both management and ownership of the Gopher Glen Apple Farm. Not to be one to take apples for granted, as merely being a crisp snack on a warm Central Coast afternoon, Jake and Raven decided to venture into the world of ciders. So in 2016, Jake and Raven partnered up with Jesse (Jake's brother, and owner of the Farmer's Guild Catering Co.) and his wife, Collette (a wine sommelier), to co-create the Gopher Glen Cider Co.

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