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Hot, cold, or mixed, our fresh apple cider is sure to satisfy.

Each season we walk the Gopher Glen orchards searching the branches for the perfect cider pressing apples. And its not easy. You see, each batch of our fresh cider is in-house pressed using over a dozen different organic apple varieties as they come into season: so no two batches are ever the same. Its an amazing process requiring little more than a passion to grow, pick, and create a combination that produces a cool, sweet, and deliciously organic cider. A cider so wonderful that it can quench parched palates, and provoke smiles on hot summer days. 


WE PRESS OUR APPLES THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY - We press our apples with racks and cheese cloths just as we have doing have been for the past quarter century.  APPLE CIDER IS A HEALTHY BEVERAGE - This is a raw product great for digestion and quenching your thirst! It is rich in pectins, minerals, potassium and flavinoids. IT CAN BE ENJOYED HOT OR COLD. Serve cider cold with club soda, or warmed with spices. Always keep cider refrigerated, or it will begin the fermentation process. If you want to keep the cider fresh for many months of enjoyment, pour off about a cup of cider to allow for expansion and freeze the remainder in the original container.

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